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Digital Psychology & Emotional Design

2018 Training Weeks:

Toronto – Ottawa – New York – Chicago – Vancouver

Join over 1,500 professionals who’ve completed our training:

Home Psychology

Including pros from small business, governments, non-profit organizations, and academia.

What participants are saying

“Great workshop! I enjoyed the training and it was very useful. We will start implementing some of the ideas in our projects.”

Alex Aranda
Senior User Experience Designer & Manager
Samsung Electronics

“Brian really helped with illustrating persuasive design concepts and will help drive design decisions in the future.”

Robert Hendry
Product & User Experience Leader
Salesforce.com Inc

“Participants at any level of digital marketing expertise will get value out of this class.”

Emily Stone
Senior Partner Marketing Manager

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Home Psychology

Psychology for Digital Behavior Change [DBC1]

Master the essential lessons in digital psychology

Over two days, you’ll learn the most mission-critical lessons in digital psychology and become proficient in recognizing and applying over 40 principles of digital psychology. You’ll discover how to reverse-engineer your competitors’ psychological strategies, and gain experience translating psychology into user interfaces, creative content, and digital products that gain impact over time.

  • Toronto 1: 23-24 Apr 2018 – SOLD OUT
  • Ottawa: 14-15 May 2018
  • New York: 21-22 May 2018
  • Chicago: 15-16 Oct 2018
  • Vancouver: 19-20 Nov 2018
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Home Psychology

Psychological Architectures of DBC [DBC2]

Learn how to build psychological design patterns and strategies

Building on all the principles you learned in DBC1, you’ll now learn how to build “psychological architectures,” by combining psychology into the larger design patterns that underpin landing pages, habit loops, gamification, and more. You’ll discover which psychological principles are useless in isolation, which ones frequently backfire, and which ones need to be combined for greater impact. Plus, you’ll develop new skills in building persuasive user journeys, along with 10 new principles of interactive feedback psychology.

  • Toronto 1: 25 Apr 2018
  • Ottawa: 16 May 2018
  • New York: 23 May 2018
  • Chicago: 17 Oct 2018
  • Vancouver: 21 Nov 2018
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Home Psychology

Emotional Design Psychology & Neuroscience [ED]

Deepen your understanding of what shapes user emotion and behavior

Learn how to design emotionally intelligent websites, apps, and campaigns by learning the psychology and neuroscience of user emotion, motivation, cognition, and behavior. Over the 2-days, you’ll develop new skills in building emotion-driven wireframes, authoring empathetic content, conducting emotional design audits, producing engaging visuals, and more. We’ll also teach you how to carry out simple, low-cost emotional impact research, and give you a head start on adopting the next generation of conversational AI bots, and emotionally intelligent technologies.

  • Toronto: 26-27 Apr 2018
  • New York: 24-25 May 2018
  • Chicago: 18-19 Oct 2018
  • Vancouver: 22-23 Nov 2018
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